Posted by: matthewharri | July 26, 2007

7 Redemptive Gifts

Romans 12:6-9 lists 7 traits that I have never really paid much attention to. Until now…

Awhile back we did a little “personality test” using the Meyers-Briggs system. This was OK, but definately left much to be desired. I have been baffled by my own tendencies, not understanding how I have been made by the LORD to operate. Some things really turn my crank, other things really shut me down.

I was introduced to this series on the 7 redemptive gifts by a man named Arthur Burk with Plumbline Ministries. It has transformed my life! I don’t mean that lightly. I understand myself better and understand my wife better. I know how it is she has been made by God to operate and I know how I have been made by the LORD to operate.

The 7 redemptive personalities, in order of mention, are:
1) Prophet
2) Servant
3) Teacher
4) Exhorter
5) Giver
6) Ruler
7) Mercy

These are different than the 9 “manifestation” gifts of 1 Corinthians 12:4-14 (Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Faith, Healings, Working of miracles, Prophecy, Discernment of spirits, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues) and different than the 5 “office” gifts of Ephesians 4:11 (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers).

Arthur puts it like this: Take John the apostle, operates in the office gift of apostle, the manifestation gift of prophecy and the redemptive gift of mercy. Confused yet? Just give it some time. It’s worth it.

Highly recommended to one and to all.



  1. I have listened to Arthur’s CD series on the redemptive gifts; and it seems I am at the opposite ends. A large part of who I seem to be is in the Prophet gift, yet at the same type a large part is in the Mercy gift. They seem to be somewhat opposed to each other in some ways. Can a person have the redemptive gift of mercy, manifestation gift of prophecy and still see things as the redemptive prophet? Hope that makes sense. thank you for any response and be blessed.

  2. Gary I believe you are redemptive gift prophet. I had a similar issue in my spirit related to the mercy and prophet being separated by being at opposing ends of the spectrum, and God had me bless my spirit in reconciling between the prophet and mercy.

    read my blog it gives some of the notes of the experience, it might help you understand this.

    You have all 7 portions of the gifts in your spirit, along with the Holy Spirit.

    You can distinguish between the 7 voices of each portion. Also the 3 parts of your Soul.

    In doing this you can find the issues or damage in each part, that might cause what you are feeling.

    I believe your mercy portion is wounded by the prophet portion, in not allowing it to come forth.
    Call your mercy portion forward and bless it in
    no longer holding a grudge against the prophet portion for holding it back. Blessing your spirit in reconciliation in this way will allow you to see and understand your personal calling more and more.
    I feel you are called to Prophetic Worship. Possibly a worship leader? Something about that rings true when I see the prophet/mercy alignment there. Worship along with insight and revelation. Hope that helps.

  3. As I listened to Arthur. I noticed I am one of the most unlikely combos. I am prophet and ruler. How does this work? I do not know. My hubby is a mercy teacher. thanks God for mercys!

  4. Your secondary gift is your skillset, primary is your personality.

    As a prophet/ruler, God would put you in circumstances to train you in leadership/authority, and it would not necessarily come as natural as your primary. So you will naturally be creative/understand spiritual things, but stepping out and using them would be a learned skillset, that would unlock your destiny.

    For your mercy/teacher husband, he would naturally show mercy, but he would learn a teacher skillset, which would mean he would have to learn a set of tools to teach in the realm of mercy, and learn to present it.

    I also have a lot more info on this, email me at

  5. Wow, timely, useful blog brother! Interesting and yes, life changing study. This series has moved into my Christian experiences Top Ten. Our Leadership Connect Group for our Church Ministry team has been studying the gifts using Charles R Wale. Jr’s “Designed For Fulfillment,” which is also tied to Arthur Burke’s teaching resources. In assessing my gifting characteristics, I was several percentage points higher in Prophet, w/only 1 of the Prophet weaknesses. Very close behind and tied percentage-wise for me were Exhorter & Mercy (for both of these, I have all of the weaknesses). After re-reviewing several times I believe that I am Prophey/Exhorter w/strong Mercy tendancies. Any results similar to this? What is your assessment? Thanks!

    • would really like to contact somone on this Facebook:Faith Jordan Mclaine in England there is hardly anyone to chat to please contact me would be nice to talk to someone who also recognises this my number is 07450375249 or send me an email

  6. I am just studying this series now and i am so drawn to it. My grandma gave it to me and i have enjoyed it so much!!!!! (My grandma says that i am a teacher….but i dont know yet!!! =])

  7. Hi, we just recently got Arthur’s redemptive gifts c.ds among many others we currently have- are you saying that he has a “test” or questionnaire that you can take to see what your gifts are and the order they fall into? Thanks in advance for the help and God Bless,


    • here is a link to download of a Redemptive Gifts questionaire created by a women who uses his materials in her courses.

      Did the test today and found out I am a mercy which i was pondering about before, my second highest score was teacher but definitely mercy was highest…and it is kind of how I am, I love biblical studies and research but I am def more a mercy than a teacher, but as someone on this link said maybe hte second one is just ur skillset and i think that is how I am 😉

  8. I have listened to Arthurs teachings for awhile. Until yesterday I thought I was very strong servant then maybe prophet. Servant because of the victim spirit I walked in for years that caused much abuse. also I can see others needs and care for it when others never even notice. I am very drawn to hurting people and I pray for the leaders God puts in my life. However I use to see things very black and white. I am big on loyalty and I get bored when a job or task is accoplished not much for repetive things if I can’t help in some way. Any way someone yesterday told me they thougt I was more prophet as primary (they do not know me well yet) never met me but I was curious how I could really tell.



  9. Forgive my typing… sprained finger…
    am listening to A.B’s series Red. Gifts… so far don’t see myself anywhere…is there a quiz?

    i am a worshipper/leader…often prophetic…also mercy…exhorting….
    i am NOT ruler, or teacher….this i know
    ~ myrrha

    • see above reply to someone else for link to a questionnaire

  10. We got this information from Arthur back in 2004. We have been teaching it for the last few years. It is amazing to see how the power of God is being released in the Men, Women and children that we are teaching this to, and how there lives are being changed. We are currently in the middle of teaching this series live on our website every Thursday at 1:00p.m mt time. We have also archived all the past lessons including the introduction. May God bless you as you choose to go after God on a deeper level and find out who you are in Christ.

    • I have been reading some older posts regarding a pdf packet of material related to the seven redemptive gifts. I was wondering if it was still available.
      Blessings, Lawrence

    • how does on find out the website address? is it too late? thanks. Richard

  11. Thank-you for responding, Mark.
    Last night our cell-group finished listening to the series (ending with Mercy) and I was a bit disheartened to realize that I do not see myself primarily as a Mercy either!
    In all the areas he described concerning worship; I’m there (or desire to be)… but as for some of the other behaviours; not so much.
    …although in similar tests done previously, I was always highest in Exhorter and THEN equal in Mercy and Prophet, having listened to this series, I see myself strongest in Mercy and Prophet …

    I am beginning to think again that not everyone has a complete handle on ‘how to determine your redemptive/grace/motivational gift’…. perhaps it puts too much pressure on to try and ‘fit’ …when we are all individuals….

    However…it has been useful.
    I’ll try and tap into some of your other info and see if anything becomes clearer. :

  12. Myrrha, Marks wife here,Jennifer, In teaching this tool set it has become apparent there are a lot of things that get in the way. Most common are woundingss that truly blind us to the truth. For example i originally pegged myself as mercy, which very quickly those around me said, ” no way you are prophet!” But so wounded i could not see it. It helps to have some one close to you read the packet and help pin point your primary gift. Unfortunately those around us sometimes know us better than we know ourselves! We do have the cd set, but i found the paper packet that is some number of years old to be more helpfull. It was well before the expresion of “all the gifts where ours” was decided. My opinion is that because of our wounded state ( no one is “unwounded”) it is easier to focus on the strengths, meaning the primary gift. We can easiliy be derailed and over whelmed reaching all over the place for answers. Focus on the Primary and work from there. We would love to be of any possible assistance!!! It seems this wonderful tool is constantly expanding and growing!!! Its great!!! In HIS love Jennifer

  13. Thanks, Jennifer.

    Would definitely agree that our wounding gets in the way.
    I also believe we are affected by things like birth order, giftings and some of the journeys in our lives.

    Currently, I wouldn’t say there has been any huge issue in my life that Jesus hasn’t graciously touched and healed…
    Although I am always open to receiving more from Him in healing and releasing more blessings and forgiveness…I can’t see that woundedness is the thing that is muddying the waters….
    but then again; maybe I am deceived!
    Oh no! PRIDE!
    Lord have mercy. 🙂

    What and where can I find this ‘packet’ you refer to?

    Or a survey that helps identify the strongest/primary gift?

    Is it necessary to HAVE a primary gift?

    Thanks for your help!

  14. Praise God for His Healing touch!!!The packet is available through our web site in pdf form. Go to then go to contact info, you will find my e-mail address, leave your e-mail and i will get it sent over to you! I also have a blog on word press that will soon be focused more on the redemptive gifts. As far as the packet, it is not a survey but more a list of characteristics and much more… For the primary gift it is much easier to focus and strengthen one area at a time, however it also amazing how once you get some strength in that “muscle” Father graciously says ‘ lets try this one” for me its prophet primary and teacher has been emerging a little here and there as He pulls me in the teaching of the gifts, mercy is also very strong. Ultimately His likeness!!!! This been a many years journey!! A great one!! In His Love Jennifer

  15. On the test, it showed that my primary gift is prophet. Teacher and exorter were tied as my skillset and ruler came in last. What is a good way for me to operate in these gifts? How do I operate in them properly?

  16. Brian, how can I get a copy of the test you mentioned? I looked for it on the souledoutministries site that Mark mentioned, but could not find it.

  17. Hello,
    I would like to find out how to obtain study material from you if you could contact me to let me know.

  18. I am new to blogs. This is a very helpful site, Thanks one and all.

  19. Hey everybody,

    With the increase of traffic here, I re-checked the links and found they were not working. So here are the new links:

    This is a direct link to the product information page. I love their materials, everyone I have directed to them have been blessed and I love supporting their ministry by buying their products. It’s a Kingdom operation to the uttermost!

    Bless you all!

  20. Hello, after reading the 7 Redemptive Gifts, I see myself as Mercy, however, I do flow in the Prophetic…meaning the prophetic utterance comes forth during prayer times…I am drawn to the prophetic my nature, in that I have a great desire to know what the Lord is saying….I have a DEEP DESIRE to have the Lord’s view point on a matter than what the situation dictates….I must be really honest….I love the prophetic….God’s voice being voiced…I hope I am making sense…but at the same time my personality is Mercy….Help!..


  21. It was mentioned to just focus on your primary gift but what if you absolutely cannot distinguish which is your primary because two match up on all the tests you take and they are opposite? I keep testing prophet & mercy equally most times. The only reason I suspect Prophet must be primary is because it matches the descriptions more accurately on my personality, (Except) I am (Not) Bold at all times like most tests suggest when exaining the differences. But, with anyone I know very long, I AM!! Yet, I also fit most of the mercy. I think how I’ve grown up has been a huge impact, but I have no way to differentiate or have no info. on this to truly know. Does anyone know if there is more info. on this?

  22. Hello everyone I am redemptive gift of prophet and in england there is only two families that I know of that believes in this I feel so alone and isolated and I would love for there to be somewhere we can talk about this kind of stuff

    • My wife and I are in rural Alberta, Canada and have been following and applying Sapphire’s results – chat way, and we shall see if we can help out at all. I am not too savvy with Internet protocol -if you wish my email address, I do not mind you having it at all – let me know if it is appropriate to post it on this site.

      • thank you would be awesome to chat with you:
        facebook: faith jordan mclaine

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