Posted by: matthewharri | July 6, 2008

What is the Church?

As I contemplate what the true Church is called to be in the eyes of the LORD, I am struck again as to what depths of treasure He has entrusted into the hands of fickle and frail humanity. I see in the church:

1) The vehicle for the knowledge of God to be displayed in that area – displayed AS HE IS, in all His holiness, not taming or de-clawing Him to make Him more politically correct, but revealing to an unknowing people what the Bible really reveals about our Maker, Master and Father. A place feared for their words, insight and lifestyles because answers to prayer are common, nothing is hidden to them, and people drop dead when they lie because the presence of God actually dwells with them
2) An international family of affection – A wonderful world-wide family that will receive and accept any and all of their brothers and sisters from other places around the world. It’s a social network next to none that man has every created
3) The ground and pillar of truth in the world – Truth can only be relative if the church does not stand and PROVE the never-changing, eternal, objective, immovable nature of Truth Himself
4) The first line of defense in the Spirit against the attacks of rage and destruction from the evil one – through prayer, intercession and Sermon on the Mount living
5) The first-response team of aid in times of crisis – displaying God’s zealous mercy and compassion on those who are suffering
6) The first place people go in times of trouble – having a proven reputation for prophetic understanding of events (the “why?”) and knowing the signs of the times (the “what?”)
7) The place where sinners and saints alike can come together into the presence of God – no one is excluded, no one is perfect or expected to be, no one is too messed up to join, as long as they know what they are getting into ahead of time (this ain’t just another “Boys’ Club”)

There are more, please let me know if you have any other thoughts, these are the ones that come to me right now…


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