Posted by: matthewharri | August 4, 2008

Weak Spots in the Human Body: Pictures of Weak Spots in the Body of Christ?

Warning: Contains purely opinionic material that is not meant to be taken too literally.

People sometimes criticize God’s design of the human body. I hear complaints most often about knees, backs and necks. Although I have yet to see any other option to improve the human design, I wonder if there might be a reason we were designed the way we were. Maybe our bodies are perfect refections of our relationship to God, full of weak spots and points of common misuse or injury.

Knees are probably the most problematic joints in the whole body. They are not to bend past a certain degree (although they are often made to) without risking injury. Knees probably suffer the most abuse as well, bearing a great burden and being leveraged in many different ways. If your knees go out, you’re stuck, you will not be able to move. They attach the biggest and strongest muscle group in the body (quadriceps) to tiny little toes that propel the body into motion.

I see the knees being a picture of the centrality and necessity of LOVE in a believer’s life. No matter how much power the Holy Spirit may give to you, there will be no forward movement of the Body if it does not flow through the channel of the love of Christ. Love bends the human soul further than a loveless soul could ever be bent. Love allows itself to be leveraged, bent, stretched, and to be burdened. But love is also easy to abuse and take for granted. It’s only when your knee goes out and you realize you can’t use it that you realize how much you need it. If you find yourself living a loveless life, you will be incapacitated in the Spirit, unable to move forward at all except you are reminded every step of the way of the lack.

Love is the ONLY thing that moves a person forward in God and it is the ONLY thing that moves the body forward as a corporate people.

When the back or spine gets out of alignment, vital nerves get pinched and it cripples the entire body. Without the spine holding us up, we would all be a bunch of spineless invertebrates, something like jellyfish that fill up and deflate according to whatever currents come its way.

I see the spine as a picture of the knowledge of God’s COVENANTS in our lives. If we simply believe that faith and love comes or goes with particular feelings or emotions, we will be as spinelessly useless in the Kingdom as a jellyfish tugboat. When our relationship toward God is based on ANYTHING ELSE BUT COVENANT, His covenantal faithfulness, He unbreakable promises toward us, we get out of alignment with His mercy and cut off the flow of His grace into our souls. But if we understand His covenantal nature, that He is a covenant-keeping God, the He cut a blood-covenant with us, that He promises to be very near unto us until the very end, it fills us with TRUE faith, faith that is more than a feeling, faith that is more than an emotion, but REAL FAITH – the trusting of God to complete and fulfill everything His Word says He will accomplish despite our weakness and brokenness.

The neck is the most vital yet unprotected area of the body. It’s much easier to kill someone by attacking their neck than it is their head or chest. The neck carries and turns the head, the most concentrated place of experience-oriented organs. It carries the message from the head to the rest of the body. If you get a break in the neck, paralysis of the whole body, of all 4 limbs, is inevitable.

The neck is a picture of our WILL. God has given us this precious and vital gift of free-will so that He may have a company of voluntary lovers. Yet the area of the will is the most attacked place in a believer’s life. A believer’s life in God is most easily killed through the will – whether it’s self-will of decisions energized by unclean spirits, it’s the will that separates the desires of the Head (the will of Jesus) with the actions of the Body (the good deeds of the Church).

Father, may our love increase more and more for You and for our neighbors. May our trust be placed fully in Your covenant-keeping nature, not in anything that we can muster up ourselves. May our wills be submitted to the will of your Holy Spirit, quick to respond and joyful to submit to Your perfect leadership, in Jesus’ name AMEN

Under His control, the whole body is being fitted and held together by the support of every joint, with each part working to fulfill its function; this is how the body grows and builds itself up in love. -Ephesians 4:16



  1. First of all, I’m glad I accidentally found you. I’m an IM at the house of prayer in Roseville California and enjoy reading about the things that God is showing other people in the prayer movement.

    I find your concept to be thought provoking. I never thought about the correlation between human weakness and weakness in the Body of Christ. I really think it’s a good metaphor. Though I may have chosen slightly different parts of the Church to be the knees, back, and neck. Knowing me I would’ve also probably thrown in something about the knowledge of God and/or the Sermon on the Mount, but that’s just me.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. no response

  3. Phenomenal, what great metaphors. You really nailed this on the head. I particularly like your metaphor of love.

  4. i will always use these against opponents!!!

  5. All I have read here on this site as well as the above posts are “all good”.
    In 2003 my wife and I were led to get familiar with Arthur’s ministry. After 5 years and still in a state of much more freedom but in a dilemma as it pertained to the “true identity” of the people we were called to serve,First Nations peoples. Jesus than opened another door and at the same time closed this one(7 gifts). This “new” door as we walked through it illuminated answers that took us several years to even begin to learn to be able to comprehend. Not only did this new door illuminate who the First Nations peoples are, but more importantly the weakness of both the human race as well as the” body of Christ”.
    All of this light(revelation) was sealed up here: Daniel 12:4 “But you, Daniel, seal these words and be silent, and seal this book even to the time of the end; many will want to know the end, and knowledge will be increased.”
    Than on the other end of Daniel’s sealed book time(read now) Jesus opens the 7 seals in the book of Revelation 5&7 and one of the seals is the key to the other six seals which unseals the book that Daniel sealed up to the time of the end.

  6. you know got to say “Fuck you”!!!

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