Posted by: matthewharri | March 4, 2010

3-Year Old Theology

The other day, my 3-year old turned to me and said,

“Papa, I had a dream last night.”

Half expecting this to be his on-ramp to a session of flexing his imaginative muscle, I asked him to tell me what his dream was. His response was the following:

“There was this big, mean dragon. A voice said, “He has power to kill.” A smiling man (Man) appeared in the sky (he opened his hands as though to say “poof”) and there was a funny noise. Then He was walking on the ground and He picked up a stick, hit the dragon and killed him.”

I was stunned. I know what has been sown into his little spirit and this was of an entirely different order. I thought, “It has started.” As a father, my heart was struck with the thought, “God, WHAT have You put under my care?”

We’re talking about a theologically sound dream here: the existence and power of evil, the Second Coming of Jesus, God’s happy heart, the power of the Cross (sticks are a picture of the Cross), Jesus’ killing him who has the power over death!

Although I am tempted to think he really doesn’t know what all his dream means, I’m beginning to think that maybe I am the one who needs further enlightenment. They say in order to mature in God you must become more and more like a little child.

I was also struck with this thought: as we continue to get closer to Jesus’ triumphant, glorious splitting of the sky, and as we continue to ask the LORD to fulfill His promise of pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, HE IS ACTUALLY GOING TO DO IT!

A word to parents: God wants us to be prepared for Him to use and speak through our little ones in powerful ways. Children are blessings, avenues of God’s grace, love and revelation. May He continue to multiply His presence through our little ones.



  1. Praise God, the other day I was in church on Sunday and ask the Lord for a dream about the church, Monday morning comes and my six year old has a dream giving me a lot of detail regarding the church to pray for during the time of intercession at the church, many, many times my daughters have been given me dreams that speak into situations in my business, family or church situation. It does take effort, but if you love Truth then it is worthwhile to listen to these dreams. Its very powerful…

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