Posted by: matthewharri | June 8, 2010

Confused Moon, Ashamed Sun

Isaiah 24:23 says,

“Then the moon will be confused and the sun ashamed, for Adonai-Tzva’ot will rule on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, with His glory manifest to the rulers of His people.”

What in the world could be the reason for these strange prophetic descriptions? What could ever overwhelm the moon? What in the world could so out-shine the sun as to ashame it? There is only one thing: the earthly reign of Messiah Jesus, Adonai in the flesh, in all of His uncreated glory.

The moon wonders that he’s not reflecting the light of the sun anymore because there’s another Light Source, nearer and brighter than the sun. The light He reflects has different properties, living properties, not simply wave-particles anymore, but penetrating, living packets of life.

The sun, who I like to consider as the most faithful evangelist and prophet of the Second-Coming, when faced with the raw glory of it’s Creator’s earthly reign, is forced to shamefully admit that burning billions of tons of gas every second was not enough to accurately prophesy of this cosmic event. In fact, seeing the glory of Jesus reigning in Jerusalem will inspire it to burn 7 times brighter! (see Is 30:26)

Ever felt inadiquate of your witness of the Gospel? Ever wondered if you’re even reflecting His light at all? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so beyond compare, so full of mystery and glory, infinitely wondrous and beautiful, you’re in good company. Take a seat next to the moon and sun.

PS – Don’t let the location specificity slip by you. Mount Zion is Mount Zion. Jerusalem is Jerusalem.


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