Posted by: matthewharri | July 21, 2010

What’s YOUR Worldview?

Without a worldview, you’re navigating the journey of life without a compass, a map, a pack of food, or perhaps, in no small terms, without a sun at all.

Who’s driving this ship? Do I have any say at all in determining my ultimate destination?

Everybody’s got a worldview, most just don’t sit to think about it long enough for it to effect their lives or their decisions. It’s your filter through which you sort out meaning in your life.

Here’s a list of questions that will help you ascertain the parameters of your worldview. Remember, if you find that the manner in which you live your life does not reflect your answers to these questions, then something needs to change, either your worldview or your life.

1) Who am I?

     What is my place in the grand scheme of the universe?

2) Where did I come from?

     Where did the material universe come from?

3) How did I get here?

     What was the process that led to my existence?

4) Where am I going?

    What do I hope to ultimately achieve with my life?

5) How should I conduct my life?

     What informs my beliefs in this regard?

6) What do I know for sure is true?

     What do I know for sure is false?

7) What do I know for sure is right?

     What do I know for sure is wrong?

8  ) Does God exist?

     If so, what is His nature and what should my response be to      Him?

9) What happens to me after I die?



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