Posted by: matthewharri | February 25, 2010

Catching Up

Seasons. They change. Often, faster than we would like, escaping us before we are able to wring all of the life-giving sap we know still resides deep inside their recesses. New seasons come and new seasons go without asking or giving you much time to thank them for their eternal influence or to give them a proper goodbye as they float by. We grasp for them, trying to encase ourselves about in that familiar warmth once again. But time, God’s great 5-star General, commander and organizer of events who has but one objective, to bring back to Earth the Risen Son of God, makes concessions with no one and compromises for no thing. Fulfilling his mandate is for the good of all – especially his own, considering how relaxing his existence will be after Jesus sends him into semi-retirement.

Biblically, we are brought to the perspective of eternity – life is but a vapor, a quick wiff of smoke, unfurling and dancing about before the eyes of it’s on-looker for one quick, but pleasurable, moment.

Pictures. They capture the essence of what life truly is: a fraction of a moment crowded with subjects of fondness and flooded with the blushed colors of living. They prolong and give access to the full abundance that each moment brings: seasons and flavors of eternity. A good picture, like a good recipe, like a good life, blends well the bitter with the sweet, composes the light against the dark, moves with ghostly, unfocused blurs across the palatte of our memory. Each one worth 1,000 sessions of 1,000 tears. Each tear worth 1,000 memories.

Thankfulness. Sometimes comes through tears of remembrance. Concentrated, liquid joy relived.

Thank You, precious Lord Jesus, for the seasons of life. For in them, we find You and we find joy.


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